• National Youth Choirs

    National Youth Choirs

    #StartSomethingAmazing and Audition for NYCGB!

  • NYO Inspire 2020

    NYO Inspire 2020

    Invitation to apply for NYO Inspire 2020

  • Tuesday 26 November

    Tuesday 26 November

    Evening ensemble rehearsals are cancelled on 26 November

  • Music Lessons

    Music Lessons

    Forest Arts Music Education Hub offers a programme of instrumental and vocal lessons.

Coming Up



    Monday evenings

    Free to join, why not come along and join one of our fabulous choirs.

    All our choirs rehearse on a Monday evening at Walsall Arena and Arts Centre in one of our large auditoriums.

    Junior Choir (ages 8-11) 5.30-6.30pm

    Youth Choir (ages11-18) 5.30-7pm

    Chamber Choir - 'Harmonic Voice' - 7-7.45pm

    All our choirs perform a concert towards the end of every term. Tickets are available on our website or at the Box Office.






    Tuesday Evenings

    Free to join, come along and join one of our instrumental ensembles.

    Brass, woodwind and string ensembles of all levels -beginner, junior, intermediate and senior - rehearse from 4.30pm on Tuesday evenings and perform termly concerts.


    Wednesday Evening

    Free to all, bring your bands along and work towards recordings and gigs.

    Bands of all types practise in our dedicated rehearsal rooms, 6-9pm on Wednesday evenings. Take advantage of expert coaching from specialist staff at Forest Arts.