Music Mark

Music Mark

Music Mark has re-launched this year and aims to attract schools who have demonstrated commitment to an ongoing developmental process of involvement with music.

The plaque and logo which can be proudly displayed in the school is an impressive signpost to prospective parents, governors and visitors that the arts has an important place in the schools education programme.

Available only through the Music Hub at Forest Arts, Music Mark can be awarded for many things, but at the core there should be outstanding on-going musical work with the main emphasis being on a credible offer of music for their children and having, or in the process of having, a whole school singing strategy.

Schools wishing to embark upon the journey towards Music Mark status should not be deterred if they feel they have not met all of the expected criteria, advice and guidance can be offered to help reach the standards required.

To arrange an informal consultation please contact our Music Commissioners on 01922 655579 or download the application form.