Senior Rock 'n' Pop Project - season 2

Senior Rock 'n' Pop Project

Senior Rock ‘n’ Pop Project - season 2

Theme – To write a song for the end credits of a fictional film Anna Van Helsing – The Beginning.

Points to help in shaping the lyrics

  • Consider the synopsis (below)
  • Construct a meaningful chorus/hook to which all verses can lead towards
  • Verses should move the story forward
  • Your lyric could follow the story of the film OR be shaped by the character of the lead protagonist (Anna)
  • The song comes immediately at end of the film as the credits begin to roll. Do your lyrics continue the story from there OR reflect on the mood of the film at the end (ie just before the credits begin rolling)

Points to help in shaping the music

  • The song comes immediately at end of the film as the credits begin to roll. How do you transition into the song
  • The style of the music will reflect your own proclivities, but must also take into account the style of the film (see below)

Anna Van Helsing – The Beginning


The film is dark and Gothic - set in the late 19th century. It has many action sequences and numerous graphic killings of Vampires. There is a love interest with mild scenes of a sexual nature. There are many anachronistic uses of technology and futurism lending an air of Sci-Fi to the film.

  • Anna Van Helsing is a Vampire hunter in search of the killer of her brother Gabriel Van Helsing.
  • Gabriel’s friend and assistant comes to her aid and becomes the love interest in the film
  • Anna is part Vampire, which gives her superhuman strength and lightening reflexes. It also prolongs her life
  • She is tortured by the fact she has to drink blood to stay alive, but chooses less effective animal blood rather than take human life
  • Dracula turns out to be her brother’s murderer
  • Dracula catches her and takes her to his estate, in order to perform experiments to see how human blood affects her abilities. During these experiments Dracula starts to fall for Anna and he talks about a union to rule the world together.
  • Anna fights this idea as Arthur Holmwood (assistant and love interest) comes to the rescue and Dracula retreats to the catacombs of the estate.
  • The film ends unsatisfactorily with Dracula left not found, and Anna and Arthur going their separate ways. It does leave the doors open for a sequel…..